– by Angelina Kelleghan

Let us all face the facts; horses are an expensive habit. Not only are the horses themselves pricey to keep alive then add the cost of everything we do with them and it can get out of hand. From the fuel to haul them, the tack to ride them to the entry fees to compete with them many of us look for ways to make extra money just for the horse habit.  Here is a list of five things you can do to make a little extra money if you have the right skill set.


With spring right around the corner, there may be people in your area that are looking for help grooming their horses.  They may need someone with the extra time to just get the winter mud off, or they may be looking for a person that is skilled and knowledgeable with clippers.  From body clipping to banding or braiding manes if you were particularly talented in this department there may be a need for your skills.

Cleaning barns

Again with spring on the way, this is an area that may be opening up.  Many people may not be physically able to dig their own barns out of the winter mud. It may have been easy to keep stalls clean but not the runs, or they may just want help with spring cleaning. If you are willing to work hard, there could be a job for you.  Even knowing a little about composting or helping to develop a plan to manage their manure could add to your value as an independent contractor.

Cleaning tack

Cleaning tack is something that takes some skill. You will need supplies and the skills to clean tack properly without discoloring it.  That said helping to clean, condition and check equipment to prepare for the show season could bring you a little side income.

Blanket Washing and Repair

Blanket washing and repair is a great skill to have. Did you know there are actual horse clothes washing machines? It only makes sense being the size, and weight of some horse blankets. Anyone who has ever cleaned a washing machine after washing their horse blanket or saddle blanket knows why you would have a separate machine. This is a niche market that has the potential to be more than a side income. If you are willing to invest in the equipment and have the skills required to properly repair a horse blanket this could be a horse-related career.

Cleaning out your tack room

As horse people, we are all very good at collecting tack and miscellaneous horse stuff. Maybe you aren’t comfortable going to other people’s places and working on their equipment, or if you really don’t want to start a whole business, this could be for you.  Clean your barn and tack room out. You may be surprised by the amount of stuff you have collected and then sell it to the rest of us so we can contribute to our own horse habit. There will be spring tack swaps, auctions, and plenty of places to sell your treasures.

These are just five ideas for different ways to make a little extra income. Remember where there is a will there is a way so use your imagination and brainstorm a minute. You may be able to afford even more fun horsey activities than you originally planned.


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