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Remount horses

  In the early 1900s, the U.S. Army feared it was losing its ability to obtain the sort of horses it needed for the Cavalry. So, it created the Army Remount Service to raise and train needed horses. Here's a link to a history column I wrote recently about the Remount...

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Don Jones Update

Hi everyone, Terry, Don Jones' daughter, sent this picture to me. Don is doing very well, better actually he started riding again. She said he shows his plaque to everyone he can. I just wanted to pass it along....

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What do you do with Horse Manure?

Have you ever wondered what to do with all the manure you clean out of your stalls? Depending on how close your neighbors are and how many horses you have a good manure management plan may be an integral part of your stable layout.

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Another Successful Fundraiser

Another successful fundraiser for our Hall of Fame inductees! Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of our event. We had a great turnout, with some excellent food and a great movie. We hope to see you all back again for our next event.    ...

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CPHHOF 3rd Annual Induction Ceremony

Colorado Plateau Horseman's Hall of Fame held our 3rd annual Induction Ceremony on July 28th at the Mesa County Fairgrounds. These inductees are Dr. James “Doc” Allen, Pat and Buck Buchanan, Peggy Gilbert, and Don Jones. Don was unable to attend as he was in surgery...

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The Lucky Horseshoe

-- Brian Crandall Most everyone has heard of the horseshoe being “lucky”. How did that happen and where did that story originate? So our story begins: Once upon a time, a wise old blacksmith was hard at work making horseshoes. The sound of the anvil attracted the...

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Musket Shot Springs

- Gordon Hirschi For over 22 years horsemen have met annually on January 1st at The historic Musket Shot Springs. This year was no different eleven riders met near Musket Shot Springs Overlook, a BLM Recreational Area, some of the riders traveled over 200 miles to...

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5 Ways to Make Extra Income to Support Your Horse Habit

Let us all face the facts; horses are an expensive habit. Not only are the horses themselves pricey to keep alive then add the cost of everything we do with them and it can get out of hand. From the fuel to haul them, the tack to ride them to the entry fees to compete with them many of us look for ways to make extra money just for the horse habit. Here is a list of five things you can do to make a little extra money if you have the right skill set.

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CPHHOF Fund Raiser!

Colorado Plateau Horseman's Hall of Fame is having a Fund Raiser! There will be a spaghetti dinner with wild game red sauce, vegan red sauce, and white sauce. We will be showing a 1920s Tom Mix movie shot in Glenwood Springs. Bob Silbernagel will give a brief story...

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Alice Hoffner’s Century Ride

This past weekend, Alice Hoffner of Grand Junction completed what's called a century ride during the Grand Valley Dressage Society fall show at the Mesa County Fairgrounds. To qualify for a Century Ride, the combined age of the horse and rider must be more than 100....

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How to determine the weight of an anvil

Most anvils are weighted using the English hundredweight system. So an anvil with the number 1 0 16 weighs 128 pounds. The first number (1) is multiplied by 112. The second number (0) is multiplied by 28, and the third number (16) is the actual pounds.

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Hall of Fame

The Colorado Plateau Horseman’s Hall of Fame is holding our second annual induction ceremony at the Mesa County Fair this coming Thursday, July 14. Representatives of the Ute Indian Tribe from Utah, officials from Dinosaur National Monument and family members of two...

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