This past weekend, Alice Hoffner of Grand Junction completed what’s called a century ride during the Grand Valley Dressage Society fall show at the Mesa County Fairgrounds.

To qualify for a Century Ride, the combined age of the horse and rider must be more than 100. Alice is 88 and Bo, her daughter’s horse that she rode, is 16.
They must also complete a recognized dressage test , and Alice and Bo did just that.

Alice said she and Bo did well on the test, although they didn’t hit all of the markers as well as they should have.

Alice Hoffner began riding in California when she was eight years old. She rode regularly as a youngster and on into adulthood. But until this year, she hadn’t competed in a horse show for more than 30 years.

Now she has another goal. She’s purchased her own horse, but it’s only six years old. She wants to complete another Century Ride on that horse a few years from now.

Their combined ages don’t add up to 100 yet, so Alice said, “I’ll just have to live a while longer so I can complete another Century Ride.”

Congratulations, Alice. Here’s hoping you keep riding for many years to come.

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