– Gordon Hirschi

For over 22 years horsemen have met annually on January 1st at The historic Musket Shot Springs. This year was no different eleven riders met near Musket Shot Springs Overlook, a BLM Recreational Area, some of the riders traveled over 200 miles to enjoy a warm campfire, a great ride, good conversation, and three different varieties of chili with cornbread. We would like thank three very special people who made this ride possible Gene Gurr who led the ride, Jeanne Newman and Ray Messer who heated the chili kept the campfire going so the riders had some get warm when they returned. I would like to Gene Gurr and Ray Messer who have not missed this activity for 22 years they are always the first ones there and the last to leave.

You may ask what is Musket Shot Spring. This spot is located 1/2 of the way in between Dinosaur, Colorado and Jensen, Utah.

“For six months back in 1776, two Franciscan monks named Fray Francisco Altnasio Dominguez and Fray Silvestre Velez de Escalante led a party of ten men through this part of western Colorado and eastern Utah. What they were looking for was a new route to the Spanish missions in California. As they approached the Utah border, they killed a lone bison and prepared the meat while resting for a day.

From the Diary of Father Escalante
September 13, 1776

“We continued for a quarter of a league in the same direction along a well-beaten path near which, toward the south, two copious springs of the finest water rise, a musket shot apart from each other, which we named Las Fuentes de Santa Clara (meaning this is really great water).”



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