A set of hipposandals, early Roman horseshoes, were unearthed in Vindolanda, an archaeological site in Northern England, according to the BBC.

Vindolanda was the site of several Roman forts during the Roman occupation of Britain that lasted between 400 and 500 years.

The find is especially rare because of the shoes’ good condition.

“Every time new Roman arrivals came, they covered over the remains from the last fort with clay and turf to make solid foundations for their fort,” says Barbara Birley, Vindolanda’s curator. “This means things were well preserved. One of the hipposandals has a hairline fracture so the set may have been thrown in the ditch because one was damaged.”

She says the shoes are in such good condition that you can even see the tread to stop horses from slipping.
The hipposandals are estimated to be from 140 A.D. to 180 A.D. They will be going on display in the Roman Army Museum in February 2019.

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