— Brian Crandall

Most everyone has heard of the horseshoe being “lucky”. How did that happen and where did that story originate? So our story begins:

Once upon a time, a wise old blacksmith was hard at work making horseshoes. The sound of the anvil attracted the devil’s attention. He followed the sounds and saw that the blacksmith was making horseshoes. The devil thought it would be a good idea to get his own hooves shod. So the devil made a deal with the smithy and stood to be shod.

The wise old blacksmith saw with whom he was dealing with, and so he nailed on a red-hot shoe, driving the nails right square into the center of the devil’s hoof. The devil then paid him and left, but the blacksmith threw the money into the forge, knowing it would bring him bad luck.

Meanwhile, the devil walked some distance and began to suffer the greatest torture from his new shoes. The more he danced and pranced and kicked and swore, the more the shoe hurt him. Finally, after he had gone through the most fearful agony, he tore them off and threw them away.

From that time, whenever the devil sees a horseshoe or the ringing of the anvil, he turns and runs – anxious to keep out of the way of those torturous devises. So every morning, blacksmiths hit their anvil with a hammer to warn the devil to stay away.

Everyone heard of the story and began to hang horseshoes above their front doors and in their homes. A shoe is hung with the heels down above the door to have the luck fall down onto all who enter the home. A shoe hung with the heels up inside the home so the luck does not fall out.

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